property rights

I have been uncomfortably adjacent to architectural practice, education, capitalism, and ~the lifestyle~ for fifteen years now, and have worked in roles providing direct support to architecture students for ten. (Greg, if you are reading this, let’s look back and laugh at the production work I happily put into your thesis gratis sometime.) For reasons […]

A list of things

I can’t plan beyond the end of the day beyond accepting meeting invites for next month and scheduling some myself. Long-term planning in a public-sector position dependent on open-source software development cycles was an amusing proposition in the Before Time and now it feels somewhat meaningless but nevertheless I/we try. Mita Williams inspires me to […]

Fluffy things

If my online brand is cute things on the internet and openly available then I guess I will use this time of crisis to recommend resources to get us through. Some of this might only be available in Canada, my bad. Land & Sea, “The Perfect Little Goat” (2007, CBC Newfoundland) D was asleep on […]