INF2186: Geospatially Speaking

A few months after I was hired to work at MDL, I started taking undergraduate classes in geographic information systems with the fantastic Don Boyes. My work on the Don Valley Project taught me about one particular subset of tools in ArcGIS, and through Prof. Boyes’ classes, I learned so much about representation, cartography, analysis, […]

INF2186: My First Metadata

I first learned the word “metadata” in 2008, when I was first hired at what is now known as the Map & Data Library at the University of Toronto as a research assistant on the Don Valley Historical Mapping Project. After mastering the basics of georeferencing and digitizing in ArcGIS, I dutifully warped approximately one […]

INF2186: Metadata and print design

I started design school in 2004, and while I did quite well across my courses, the work that made me happiest was some of the least glamorous: I preferred the “boring” but highly detailed work of print production over art direction. (Hey, good production designers are hard to find.) Many assignments were submitted to instructors […]

INF2186: Last century

This is the first in a series of posts for my capstone assignment for INF2186: Metadata Schemas and Applications, a graduate course taught by Prof. Lynne Howarth in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. Over the remainder of the semester, I will be blogging about my past and present experiences working with […]