INF2186: Wait, more meowtadata

One last note! While we’re on the topic of cats and metadata, I wholeheartedly suggest following @HistoricalCats on Twitter. It’s an bot that tweets cat-related metadata records harvested by the Digital Public Library of America from various digital collections. Cute historic photos abound, though occasionally the “cat” keyword turns up some less-than-happy cats-in-science materials. Check […]

INF2186: And one last note on meowtadata

This last week was rather stressful, with the strike and final assignments and lousy Smarch weather and all. I booked the week off work a while back with the intention of staying home and writing my final paper on cartographic cataloguing and critical human geography, but I ended up dividing my time between union-related activities […]

INF2186: This class has me got thinking…

Despite the fact that I’ve been working with geospatial metadata for many years – both in the creation and maintenance of metadata for geospatial datasets, but also in the MARC fields containing spatial information that I insert into original catalogue records for maps – this course got me thinking about all of the other ways […]

INF2186: Interoperability

I came into INF2186 knowing a fair bit about metadata and its importance, but one concept that I hadn’t really considered, despite being around it in action for years, was metadata standards and interoperability. Data interoperability is something we talk about all the time in GIS systems (the Data Interoperability extension, allowing legacy formats and […]

INF2186: My favourite metadata tool

My favourite metadata tool remains perpetually open in a browser tab at work: Klokan Technologies’ Bounding Box Tool, an easy-to-use utility that generates bounding box coordinates (in other words, the latitude and longitude values that enclose a given space) for given areas on-the-fly. This metadata is important for capturing the spatial extent of items and […]